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Gold Chains 20 Inches

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Welcome to our collection of luxuriously long gold chains, each piece stretching beyond the standard 20 inches to create a strikingly elegant impression. These chains, expertly crafted in the highest quality gold, serve as both a symbol of opulence and an emblem of distinct personal style.

The allure of our long gold chains lies in their versatility. Drape them singly for a classic, sophisticated look, double them up for a layered effect, or pair them with your favorite pendant for a personalized touch. Each chain promises a graceful descent down the neckline, offering a flattering, elongating effect that adds to the wearer's charm.

Our collection ranges from sleek, simple designs to more intricate patterns. Discover our selection of classic styles like the Rope or Figaro chains, each link is interwoven meticulously, creating a mesmerizing rhythmic pattern that exudes timeless beauty. For those with a taste for the unconventional, explore our assortment of unique, contemporary designs featuring innovative twists on traditional styles.

Every piece in our long gold chain collection undergoes a rigorous polishing process, ensuring a smooth finish and a radiant shine that withstands the test of time. Despite their length, these chains are designed with durability in mind, promising not only a captivating aesthetic but also longevity that will endure.

Explore our collection of long gold chains: a testament to luxury, style, and craftsmanship. More than an accessory, these are pieces that speak to individuality and express a taste for the finer things in life.
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Feel the energy of the Crisscut® Diamond

The Crisscut® Diamond’s spread remarkable scintillation (movement of light) and brilliance. Why have we enjoyed such growing success and popularity?  Because Crisscut® unique facet configuration and arrangement is simply one of the most brilliant ways to cut a diamond to maximize its overall beauty. Our facets continually bounce light off one another and give the Crisscut® Diamond a life and depth of fire (light dispersion), scintillation, and brilliance (white light) unlike any
other. And we refuse to compromise our integrity by adding “extra” facets which do not increase the stone’s brilliance or beauty just to lay claim to “more”

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