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The Brilliance of Crisscut Diamond: A Journey through History

The Brilliance of Crisscut Diamond: A Journey through History - Diamond Origin

Crisscut Diamond, renowned for its exclusive cut and mesmerizing brilliance, has etched a unique place for itself in the landscape of luxury jewelry. However, the road to its position in the echelons of prestigious gemstones wasn't an overnight success. Rather, it's a story steeped in innovation, expert craftsmanship, and a timeless aesthetic. Let's delve into the history of the Crisscut Diamond brand to understand the allure it holds today.


Crisscut Diamond traces its origins to the innovative mind of Christopher Slowinski, a master diamond cutter and the founder of Christopher Designs. Slowinski, born in Poland, moved to New York in the 1970s.
The inception of the Crisscut Diamond brand is tied to a groundbreaking event in 1980 when Slowinski had the epiphany that would revolutionize the way diamonds were cut. He invented the Crisscut, a unique way of cutting a diamond to enhance its brilliance by increasing the number of facets from the traditional 57 to 77. This innovative design led to diamonds that had improved scintillation, more significant light return, and a larger apparent size.

The Crisscut

Slowinski's invention did more than just introduce a new way to cut diamonds; it challenged centuries-old conventions and forever changed the landscape of luxury jewelry. As a result, the Crisscut Diamond quickly caught the eye of the industry and jewelry lovers alike.

The Crisscut Diamond method significantly increased the perceived size and luminosity of the diamond, bringing an unparalleled level of shine and brilliance. The Crisscut design achieved this by creating a unique pattern that made the facets crisscross, reflecting more light and thus providing the diamond with an alluring sparkle.

Expanding the Crisscut

Over the years, Slowinski expanded the Crisscut technology to different diamond shapes, creating collections such as Crisscut Round, Crisscut Cushion, and Crisscut Emerald. Each collection offered unique brilliance, fire, and scintillation. Despite their differences, all Crisscut Diamonds shared the same extraordinary level of craftsmanship and commitment to enhancing the natural beauty of each diamond.

The L'Amour Crisscut, another Slowinski creation, took the traditional diamond cut to new heights by making the diamond look up to 50% larger than a typical cut of the same carat weight. This unique cut also showcased a striking silhouette that was easily distinguishable and coveted by many.

Crisscut Diamond Today

Today, the Crisscut Diamond is synonymous with luxury, class, and unmatched brilliance. With several patented designs to his name, Slowinski's innovation has firmly positioned Christopher Designs, and by extension the Crisscut Diamond, as a key player in the global jewelry industry.

The Crisscut Diamond's timeless elegance and the innovative spirit behind its creation continue to captivate those seeking unique and luxurious jewelry. Its journey from a groundbreaking idea to a prestigious brand serves as a testament to the power of innovation and craftsmanship, ensuring that the Crisscut Diamond will continue to shine brightly in the years to come.