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Types of settings in Diamond Origin jewelry

Three stone setting

A ring with three stones and a larger central one
This setting usually includes three diamonds placed side by side. Smaller diamonds are a great way to draw attention to the center diamond and emphasize its size. The diamonds are set in a row where often the center stone is deliberately raised up.


The halo setting surrounds the center diamond creating a "halo" of smaller diamonds. Halo diamonds can be the same shape as the middle diamond or a completely different one - there are endless possibilities. This frame of diamonds around the central stone emphasizes its size and sparkle. Diamond Origin takes care to match the size of the stones so that the halo effect is used to the maximum. So as to get the brilliance of the stone at the best price for you.

Bezel setting

The bezel is a thin metal frame that surrounds the stone and holds it in the ring. Bezel is a setting that Diamond Origin recommends to people who appreciate minimalism but with a great sense of subtle elegance.


Pave surrounds the center stone with small diamonds. Diamond Origin jewelers place these small diamonds as close together as possible to create the impression of wholeness with the central stone. Pave will add sparkle to the center stone and that's what we and you are all about.


The solitaire setting is very popular among engagement jewelry or as a present on many occasions. It is a central single stone fixed in the prongs. This ring is suitable for everyday use. It is very subtle and elegant. Just in time to remind you of people important to us every day.

Gold Jewelry

We recognize that jewelry is not just an accessory, but an expression of one's personal style and a cherished heirloom for generations to come. As such, we prioritize craftsmanship, ensuring that every curve, link, and embellishment is rendered to perfection.