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Ring sizes and how to measure it?

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What is the ring size chart?

The ring size table describes its size, i.e. the diameter or circumference of the inner part of the wedding ring or finger. A ring size is a number (as opposed to small, medium, or large) corresponding to your finger's diameter or circumference.
Trading tables and customs vary from country to country. We use the US scale. Below you can see the size comparison table.
When you choose a ring, the ring size chart will appear on the product description page. This ring size chart will appear when you select a diamond for engagement rings.
If you are not sure of the size, please measure your finger. This is especially important for engagement rings and wedding rings because they have their place on a specific finger.
While rings with fine jewelry can be worn on either finger, many people choose to wear their engagement ring or wedding band on the ring finger (between the middle and little finger) of the left hand.
You should remember and not forget when measuring that each finger is a different size. Therefore, measure the finger on which you will wear the ring when looking for a ring size.

How can I measure my ring size at home?


Measuring a ring size at home is very easy and I will describe it to you in a moment.

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  1. Take a piece of string or thread to wrap around the base of the finger.
  2. Mark where the twine overlaps.
  3. Put the string on the ruler and measure the length in millimeters, this is the circumference of your finger, i.e. the inner circumference of the wedding ring.
  4. Compare with the ring size chart.
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Can my ring size change?

Yes of course. It can increase or decrease depending on your lifestyle. There may also be temporary swelling, e.g. during hot weather or long-term travel. 

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How to change the ring size?


Send an email to
The service is available on request and is described in the category
service. Do not change the size yourself or you will lose the guarantee.
Items that cannot be resized:
Eternity rings with diamonds and gemstones with a specific number of gemstones per finger size;  decorative stripes;

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