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Three Stone Diamond Rings

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Three Stone Diamond Rings

Fall in love with this breathtaking Diamond from Diamond Origin. Lab-grown for eco-friendly luxury, it is HPHT clean and boasts a dazzling high color grade. Let it take your breath away! This classic collection of diamond rings features three stones crafted in 14k gold. Perfect for engagements and anniversaries, the diamonds are lab-grown and certified by Diamond Origin for superior quality and value. Put a sparkle in the special occasions of your life with these beautiful rings.

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Feel the energy of the Crisscut® Diamond

The Crisscut® Diamond’s spread remarkable scintillation (movement of light) and brilliance. Why have we enjoyed such growing success and popularity?  Because Crisscut® unique facet configuration and arrangement is simply one of the most brilliant ways to cut a diamond to maximize its overall beauty. Our facets continually bounce light off one another and give the Crisscut® Diamond a life and depth of fire (light dispersion), scintillation, and brilliance (white light) unlike any
other. And we refuse to compromise our integrity by adding “extra” facets which do not increase the stone’s brilliance or beauty just to lay claim to “more”

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