L'Amour Crisscut Lab-Grown Diamond Solitaire Ring

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The L'Amour Crisscut Lab-Grown Diamond Solitaire Ring Collection is a celebration of cutting-edge technology and artistic design. The collection brings together the best of both worlds by featuring diamonds that are lab-grown and cut in the unique L'Amour Crisscut style. This signature cutting technique creates a diamond with up to 35% larger visible surface area than conventional cuts, enhancing its brilliance and making it appear more prominent.

Each ring in the collection centers around a single, stunning lab-grown diamond that mirrors the properties of naturally mined diamonds in every way. From their physical properties to their radiant sparkle, these diamonds are a testament to advancements in gemology and a sustainable future in luxury.

The collection captures a range of designs from classic to contemporary, each crafted to showcase the magnificent L'Amour Crisscut diamond in a solitaire setting. The simplicity of the solitaire design allows the distinctive shape and exceptional brilliance of the L'Amour Crisscut diamond to take center stage, making each ring a show-stopper.

Whether chosen as an engagement ring to symbolize an eternal bond or a special gift to celebrate life's milestones, the L'Amour Crisscut Lab-Grown Diamond Solitaire Ring Collection offers an eco-conscious yet luxurious choice. It's a perfect blend of sustainability, innovation, and timeless style.

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Feel the energy of the Crisscut® Diamond

The Crisscut® Diamond’s spread remarkable scintillation (movement of light) and brilliance. Why have we enjoyed such growing success and popularity?  Because Crisscut® unique facet configuration and arrangement is simply one of the most brilliant ways to cut a diamond to maximize its overall beauty. Our facets continually bounce light off one another and give the Crisscut® Diamond a life and depth of fire (light dispersion), scintillation, and brilliance (white light) unlike any
other. And we refuse to compromise our integrity by adding “extra” facets which do not increase the stone’s brilliance or beauty just to lay claim to “more”

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